A consortium of partners has come together around Great Schools for Nevada, a federal CSP program to lead the expansion of high-quality charter schools across our state. To ensure alignment of efforts and avoid duplication of work for maximum impact, Opportunity 180 will consult quarterly with an Advisory Committee including the Nevada Department of Education, the Charter School Association of Nevada (CSAN), and the State Public Charter School Authority (SPCSA).

In October 2020, Opportunity 180 was awarded a competitive five-year CSP grant to administer the Great Schools for Nevada Federal CSP subgrant program that will pursue the following three objectives:

1)    Increase the number of quality new, replicated, or expanded public charter schools serving the most at-risk student populations by at least 24 over the next five years.

2)    Position Nevada‚Äôs Authorizers as a leader in authorizing quality and academic performance

3)    Evaluate, collect and disseminate widely the successes and lessons of highly-quality charter schools to impact the broader education system.

CSP grants awarded by Opportunity 180 through its Great Schools for Nevada CSP Grant program are federally funded under the US Department of Education CSP State Entities Grant (CFDA number 84.282A) and are subject to the availability of funds through the CSP. Additional federal guidance and related documents can be found at: https://oese.ed.gov/offices/office-of-discretionary-grants-support-services/charter-school-programs/state-entities/funding-and-legislation/

In carrying out these objectives, Opportunity 180 will provide subgrants to qualified charter school developers to provide financial support for the initial implementation of opening, expanding, or replicating a public charter school. Opportunity 180 will be hosting two subgrant cycles in 2021, in the Spring and Fall. The information included in this RFA applies specifically to the Spring subgrant, cycle 1. 

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